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Victor, tengo 22 años, soy chileno. Gamer, amo los animales, anime, mangas, 8 bits, cartoon añejos, comic, rock, etc. Digifans. Cualquier cosa pregunta no muerdo : )
My name is Victor, I'm 22 years old, from Chile. Gamer, love animals, 8bits, anime, manga, old cartoons, rock, etc. Digifans. Anything you wanna know just ask me.




Want to know more about the new Digimon Adventure anime? If you go to and watch / skip the trailer, you can click on this egg. In order for the digi-egg to hatch with new information, it has to be clicked 875,330 more times.

The catch is that the digi-egg can only be clicked on once a day per browser!! You can also play the Digimon Game to the left of the egg for 20 points, but that involves knowing the Japanese language. All we know so far about the new anime is that Taichi is seventeen years old and in high school; please click on the egg and spread the word so we can know more !! Thank you.

edit: Deleting your browser cookies will null the one click per day rule.

Speaking dos languages diferentes in a sentence because eres a multicultural motherfucker.

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